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It’s safe to say that the office of today looks very different than it did 20 or 30 years ago. And as the office has changed, so too have the people in it. Just look around and you’ll see different employees reaching their goals in different ways—workstyles that may not be familiar to you or your experiences as a leader. But the tides of change roll on. More people than ever work from outside the office. Job roles and responsibilities are changing, as are the technologies used to accomplish business goals.

Understanding your workforce is a key component of information mobility. This is the talent that’s helping you and your organization succeed, so it pays to know how employees in today’s new world of work operate—how they’re most productive, how they collaborate, and how they can be most successful.

In order to help you navigate today’s changing workforce, we’ve put together a this assessment that breaks up today’s changing workforce into five categories. While everybody is different, and there’s bound to be overlap between these categories, these five personas can help orient your thinking about today’s changing workforce, so that you can best engage them to be more efficient, productive, and satisfied in their work.

Here’s a brief overview of the five categories:

The On-the-Go Mobile Pro

These are the anytime, anywhere workers that come to mind when you hear the word “mobility.” With a mobile device glued to their hand and a desk that spends more time collecting dust than paperwork, these mobile pros rely on the latest technologies to provide them with the information they need to do their jobs effectively, and to keep them in touch with the rest of their coworkers.

The Pragmatic Professional

Pragmatic Professionals spend more time working from the office than the On-the-Go Mobile Pro. These workers are trustworthy and reliable, going the extra mile for a teammate, and using technology to not only better collaborate with their more mobile colleagues, but also to find better and easier ways of completing tasks within your organization. They are a foundational part of any organization.

The Innovative Intrapreneur

The term “think outside the box” is an overused cliché, but if it were to be embodied in a single archetype, this would be it. Innovative Intrapreneurs use information and technology to take risks and try new things to change your organization—indeed, they are the ones who brought us many of the technologies that we rely upon today. While many associate this type of worker with Silicon Valley, the truth is that they can be found in any industry or organization.

The Information Guru

Information drives the business world, and nobody understands that better than the Information Guru. While the ways in which these workers interact with data can vary, they all share an excitement about the potential that better technology and information management can provide your organization. From data scientists and analysts to forward-thinking managers, Information Gurus are an increasingly vital part of any modern organization.

The Experienced Leader

Tough, focused and battle-tested, the Experienced Leader is the one that steers the ship, no matter how rough the waves may be. While this individual may have elements of any of the previous four personas, they take a more holistic view of the organization, business trends, and how these might affect them in the future. Without Experienced Leaders to help set the right direction for the business, many organizations end up running aground.


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