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Mobile Staff

It began with Google shifting its search algorithm to preference mobile-optimized websites, and has since set off a bit of […]

Work-life Balance

Work-life Balance Staff

For others, it’s a breathtaking hike through a dense forest to find that perfect view. For others still, it’s grabbing […]



Ritika Puri

This trend is especially evident in the use of mobile technology, with teams increasingly relying on their personal smartphones to […]



George Dearing

And “power” is the operative word. In the article, Tufekci writes: “Technology in the workplace is as much about power and […]

What is Information Mobility?

info-mobility (1)

A business with information mobility has the ability to make information move to and from its original form whether it is paper, other legacy formats or digital; and the ability to transform for re-purpose, re-use, and search for information; and ultimately the ability to access information anytime, anywhere. To provide information mobility, organizations must obtain and align a strong technical infrastructure, agile information systems, and deep understanding of the workstyle innovations required by today’s workforce. will help you navigate this new world of work by touching on all aspects of information mobility – from the technologies that are revolutionizing the way that people collaborate and connect, to the way information is harnessed to power big ideas, to the ways your workforce is bridging the gaps. We’re a daily resource for anybody who is interested in learning how they can work intelligently.

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