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The 9 Employee Traits Businesses Will Be Looking For

The future of business is already here.

To always be your absolute best, you need the right team. And this process starts from within your business — the people who make things happen. With so much emphasis placed on innovation, shareholder expectations and profits, it can be tough to remember that it’s your people who will get you there.

You need to make sure that you’re creating the right environment for team members to embrace who they are, and investing in the right recruiting systems at the front lines of your organization.

To be innovative, customer-driven and optimized for profits, organizations need to build teams that embody the following skills:

1. Empathy

Customers demand more than a basic service. These self-directed audiences want their business partners and service providers to embrace their core needs. The future of business requires team members who are relentless consumer advocates: people who listen more than they talk. It’s invaluable to build a team that cares about just as much about ‘getting it right’ as it does ‘getting things done.’ Your team needs to be driven by a customer-driven sense of purpose and care.

2. Ownership

Mistakes happen. And it’s not the end of the world. The best employees are well-aware of this fact, and they’re readily willing to keep their mistakes close to heart. The future of business requires employees who can fully own what they do — to embrace their strengths just as much as their weaknesses. It’s crucial for employees to be real, authentic, and steadfast in whom they are as people.

3. Integrity

Organizations need employees who believe in what they do — those with a focus and confidence that guides teams through the toughest of hurdles. It’s this integrity—a belief in something more than the day to day—that will help organizations innovate.

4. Tenacity

The decision to explore a new business area can be terrifying. Employees may feel afraid to explore a new business direction or take a risk without internal support. It’s important to round out a cautious team with entrepreneur-types who aren’t afraid to jump head first into a new challenge — and sometimes fail.

5. Grit

Innovation and growth take hard work. It’s exhausting to know that your team members will hit 100 walls before hitting that one home run. Your company needs employees who can persevere through any setback. It’s this persistence that will help grow your business’s bottom line.

6. A Data-First Mindset

Data is the variable that unifies. Your organization’s future leaders need to be equipped with the quantitative skills to keep your entire organization aligned and on target toward a common goal. Data is your company’s lifeblood, and it is crucial to have people on board who fully understand and embrace it.

7. Cross-Functional Appreciation

Your engineering, marketing, and operations teams are reliant upon one another for success. The future of your organization needs leaders who can seamlessly travel between these worlds to forge connections and unite teams. Your head of marketing doesn’t need to be an expert programmer — but they do need to have an appreciation for what your technical team does, and vice versa.

8. Impatience

The corporate world has a bad rap for being ‘slow moving.’ After all, it’s a significant undertaking to move an entire organization forward. Your organization needs catalysts who can kickstart this process — who not only inspire new ideas, but can get people behind them.

9. Builders

Your company’s future depends on what you can successfully build. Ideas are only the first step. In addition to hiring ‘thought leaders,’ it is important to build a team of individuals who are able to roll up their sleeves and actually get things done.

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