Are You a Mentally Strong Leader? -

Are You a Mentally Strong Leader?

It's an understatement to say that leaders put up with a lot.

These individuals are always in the limelight. They’re admired as much as they’re resented. They persevere through early mornings and late nights, but you’d never know it – these successful leaders still come to work with a smile, write books in their spare time, and even show up to their kid’s Little League game on the weekends.

Put the wrong person in a leadership role, and that person will self-destruct. The right person? They’ll soar.

There is one trait that separates mediocre leaders from amazing ones – emotional intelligence. An endless supply of talent can never compensate for this core quality. Here are five universal traits of people whose emotional intelligence makes them a mentally strong leader.

1. They’re able to give trust

Micromanagers seem to be everywhere. They’re constantly keeping tabs on their team, providing overly-detailed instructions and are reluctant to accept any ideas from others. Great leaders, on the other hand, do not waste their time chasing details. Instead, they’re busy hiring amazing people whom they can fully trust.

Mentally strong leaders will fully believe in their teams to do great work. And the people they trust? They’re shining in their own light and blazing new trails.

2. They own their power

Great leaders control their own destinies. When faced with a terrible boss, angry client, or horrible day at work, they’ll persevere. Why? Because they’re in charge of their emotions and future. And they know it.

3. They embrace their weaknesses

Nobody’s perfect. Empowered leaders will be the first to own up to that fact. They’re self-confident in their strengths, and aren’t afraid to let the world see their humanity and humility. Great leaders rely on their teams to navigate through blind spots. They’ll own up to their weaknesses without even flinching. And they’ll use their weaknesses to become stronger leaders.

4. They’re constantly moving forward

They don’t dwell on the past, and they refuse to give into petty office politics. Instead, they’re fully focused on moving their organizations forward. Bad days don’t matter – and neither do good ones. What matters is that this leader’s team and company are well-positioned for what’s next.

5. They learn from their mistakes

Strong leaders confront their weaknesses head-on. Like any other person, they’re prone to failure. But they never let failure run its course. Instead, they’ll learn, adapt, and pursue a new change in direction. Failing is a momentary lapse – and an invaluable life lesson.

Final thoughts

Leadership takes practice and stems from life experience. One way to become a leader is to learn from professionals who have been there before you.

Leadership is a quality that transcends rank, salary, and title. Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. No matter where you are in your career journey, the time to start acting the part is now.