Whether you’re a commercial printer or a university in-plant, customers expect to be able to easily order services online and that calls for a robust web-to-print solution.

A smart web-to-print solution creates a fresh, welcoming front door to your business, and the smooth, frustration-free ordering experience makes it easy for people to do business with you. No longer tied to the office, clients are free to order print jobs from the classroom, football stadium, beaches of Tahiti – anywhere they can tap into the Internet.

Making the job easier

Gone are the across-the-counter and email exchanges, which limit productivity and introduce an extra layer of human intervention into the process. Accuracy issues, often caused by our specialized vernacular of print, are minimized thanks to web-to-print’s visual cues for terms like duplex, coating and binding. With exact print and finish specifications, your operators can produce a quality product on the first pass, eliminating waste and rework, and bringing smiles to your clients’ faces.

“Web-to-print isn’t the same as hopping into a new car and driving out the lot.”

Jobs submitted via a web-to-print solution also become protected assets and are archived in clients’ digital profiles, ready to be reprinted, shared or changed electronically as requested.

Imagine how easily a university professor can update a seminar hand-out from one semester to the next and order reprints. A click of a button, and the job is submitted. Nearly as quickly, the job is printed and out the door.

The power of a database that records where jobs originate and where they go facilitates billing, tracking, reprinting and other operations all down the line.

Preparing in advance

To gain all the benefits of a powerful web-to-print solution, start with a knowledgeable partner. Web-to-print isn’t the same as hopping into a new car and driving out the lot. A great deal of preparation is required. For example, you’ll want to conduct focused sessions to make sure stakeholders understand how the submission, tracking and billing processes will work, get feedback, adjust and solidify buy-in. These power-users, trendsetters and influencers will be your champions when you roll out to the masses.

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