That question had been plaguing GAM’s owner, Nathaniel Grant, for the past few years. Located in Sterling, Virginia, the firm offers a broad portfolio of services and print technology: advertising, branding, bindery, creative services, direct mail, strategic marketing, print and fulfillment services, and large format/tradeshow displays.

Nevertheless, even with offset, digital and wide-format equipment acquired over the firm’s 40 years in business, Grant watched profitable jobs walk out the door because he lacked in-house capabilities to produce decals, loyalty cards, oversized brochures, and short-run book jacket covers.

A wonder of effects

That all changed the day he was offered the chance to put a powerful  5th Color station, digital color production print system through its paces. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The press did everything he wanted. It supported White Toner, which made images printed on dark colored and metallic media pop. It supported Clear Toner, which added a gloss effect, creating a premium look for store catalogs, business cards and packaging. And it printed oversize sheets, which could open the door to customers who required full-sized, trifold brochures and unique folding pieces.

Creative possibilities danced before Grant’s eyes. No longer would he have to offload jobs to a specialty printer. He could handle decals, window clings, metallic effects, light box transparencies and more from his own production floor.

Behind the magic

Once the press was installed and operators trained—simplified by step-by-step video instructions—Grant set to work, unveiling the capabilities to an array of prospects. He felt like a magician when he demonstrated how quickly and easily the press handled seemingly impossible tasks. He glowed at the delight clients expressed when they saw minute details of their products leap off the page, and he grinned as orders flowed in from new clients.

  • Simulating metallic printing and producing promotional displays on synthetic materials opened the door to luxury brand clients.
  • Producing in-store signage and seasonal promotional items landed jobs from food service clients.
  • Enabling cost-effective security and authenticity watermarks drew another group of clients.
  • Printing unique, eye-catching pieces, on short runs, at affordable prices brought designers and creative directors knocking at the door.

GAM has been approaching high-end retailers, ad agencies, and hotel and restaurant chains to tell their story and discuss how the new 5th color technology can set them apart from their competition. Orders have been coming in for large, personalized posters, six-page newsletters with variable data, and even postcards 4-up, and brochures running 2-up. Ultimately, GAM has made a measurable impact on its business and future proofed itself in a rapidly evolving industry.

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