Yes, you help support direct mail campaigns; and as such, you know that success depends on high “open” rates.” What more can you offer customers to help boost the number of people who actually tear open that envelope?

You can help enhance the envelope.

Envelopes offer a welcoming “handshake” to potential buyers, enticing them to read what’s inside. As such, it stands to reason that your shop must be able to offer clients a platform to create unique, eye-catching envelopes – in various colors, sizes, papers and textures, using variable data input.

Envelopes offer a welcoming “handshake” to potential buyers, enticing them to read what’s inside.

You may be thinking – how much is this going to cost me and when will I see its ROI? Here’s one potential scenario. If you were to purchase a machine costing $20,000 and you printed 10,000 four-color envelopes a month, say, in batches of 1,000 priced at $200 each (typical pricing as suggested on the Internet), your payback period would be 12 months.

Now that you see what the ROI potential is, let’s start exploring technology options. First, decide on the capabilities most important for your shop. Your location may influence your choices. Does a nearby college send out fund-raising letters regularly? Does a hospital send out health advisories? Does a retailer send out promotions? Beyond your neighborhood, do you expect to gain business over the Internet?

You may want to work with an experienced partner to help tailor a system for your business. The following questions will help you identify the components important for any professional envelope print system.

Checklist for digital envelope printing system

  1. How fast of a system do you need to handle your requirements?
  2. Can the system run full-color jobs, including variable data, in one pass?
  3. Can the system print on a variety of sizes and stocks, including coated, uncoated and textured?
  4. Is the print waterproof to handle being dropped in water or snow?
  5. Does the technology include an automated workflow management system?

With an efficient envelope printing system on your floor, you can start building an even stronger reputation as a direct mail expert. Here are some specific tips to help you showcase these capabilities:

5 Tips for creating “tear-me-open” envelopes

  1. Print teasers on the front, back and even inside the envelope to provoke curiosity.
  2. Personalize envelopes through variable-data messaging and incentives.
  3. Time envelopes to arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the lightest postal delivery days.
  4. Use oversized envelopes that people can’t resist opening.
  5. Create an exclusive touch-and-feel experience with unusual paper stocks – satiny, linen, vellum, smooth and rough.

Seal the deal with new customers by offering a new model for direct mail. Get started now.