Why You Need Tablets for Your Business Meetings

Why You Need Tablets for Your Business Meetings

Anything to improve your typical boring business meeting is going to get most people's attention. Making them fun probably isn't an option, so what we're left with is making them more efficient.

And while technology can help make us more productive, it can also be a hindrance. Too much tech and you have a maintenance nightmare with too many points of failure. But pull off a meeting with all the bells and whistles and you end up looking infallible. The key is to strike the right balance. And the proliferation of tablets is making that balance possible. Let’s look at why tablets continue to creep into the workplace.

The Post-PC trend

First, some of the backstory. Part of what’s driving tablet computing deeper into the enterprise is what some describe as a “post-PC” environment. As ubiquitous computing grows, our movement away from the tethered constraints of the desktop is accelerating. But PCs are far from dead. They still capture most of our computing time, even though demand lags. The problem, says IDC, is the PC industry hasn’t spawned many new capabilities over the years.

Combating the Consumerization of IT

If you’re a CIO or IT executive, just the fact that you’re incorporating tablets into your delivery environment buys you some latitude and a bump or two in the road. And odds are you’re already riding the BYOD wave and the rush of consumer apps. With a tablet strategy and some solutions that play to the tablet toters, you finally have an answer to the “what are we doing to address IT consumerization?” question.

Staying Ahead Of the Mobility Curve

Teleworking, coworking, better collaboration tools, and an increasingly dispersed workforce are shifting our workload outside the cubicle. And it’s not just online demos and screen shares. Tablets are right in the middle of what’s happening in areas like worker onboarding, field service, and salesforce automation. Businesses in every sector are using tablets as the front-end to many of their enterprise applications. No one is surprised these days to see tablets in meetings. More and more that’s where business information lives. So how can tablets provide a boost to your business meetings?

The Paperless Effect. Less Printing, Distributing, and Collecting

It feels like the paperless battle has gone on for decades. Those massive printouts aren’t extinct yet, but tablets are certainly another ally in the drive toward a paperless workplace. A camera paired up with powerful capture and scanning capabilities make tablets a logical choice to deliver presentations, distribute content, and make changes in real-time. The days of reprints should be numbered as better integration takes hold and tablets become the defacto delivery device.

Security and Access to Sensitive Information

Another important element, especially for meetings, is privacy and data security. Paperless meetings become a lot less glamorous when there are loopholes that allow critical information outside the firewall. Using more sophisticated presentation tools and software, content restrictions and security privileges can be easily delegated to ensure participants can’t share or distribute digital content inappropriately. And utilizing a digital means of presentation means that hard copies of critical data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Lead With a Business Objective

Just like other tools, tablets are just that. Tools. Smart businesses are exploring their roles as we speak, helping today’s employees create better products, drive efficiencies, and deliver better service. Alas, there’s no word yet on if they’re making meetings fun, however.