Study Shows Importance of Information Mobility in Achieving Quality Care

Hospital leaders want to achieve accountable and quality care, but the tricky part is knowing the right recipe for accomplishing this while maintaining both efficiency and cost savings.

A recent IDC Health Insights study has shown that information mobility – the ability to seamlessly capture, manage and transform information regardless its format, where it comes from or where it needs to go – may be the ticket for long-term success.

After talking to 100 IT and business executives at hospitals with 500 or more employees, the research uncovered key findings that very well may transform the way healthcare leaders approach Meaningful Use and Accountable Care goals.

To give you a glimpse of just a few of the key findings, here are some impactful statistics pulled from the research:

  • Nearly 85 percent acknowledged having many departments with unmet needs for optimizing document workflows
  • Only 9 percent of those surveyed were found to be information mobility “champions,” with the vast majority, over 60 percent, being identified as “beginners” or “contenders” in information mobility maturity
  • More than 80 percent expressed a clear need for remote access to applications for their employees, along with finding and integrating information from different platforms

Clearly, information mobility is a key ingredient missing from many healthcare leaders’ plans for improving quality care and achieving compliance goals. Understanding this can get you started on the path to greater success.

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