Expert Video: Six Tips on How eDiscovery Can Give Better Outcomes

With the explosion in volume and types of data, technology is the only way to conduct discovery quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. This is no longer a future tool for law firms. It is a critical element of running an efficient law practice today. Yet, it’s critical for attorneys to make some key decisions up front, before applying eDiscovery technology to reams of information. Step back and think through the most appropriate ways to apply eDiscovery tools, and the next steps to take based on what they find. What kinds of communication should you include in your review? More and more businesses are using Facebook, Twitter and various instant messaging platforms, for example. If you include them in your eDiscovery process, what “smoking gun” are you looking for, exactly? And what actions come next if you find it in someone’s Twitter feed?

In this video, four experts at Commonwealth Legal’s 2015 Technology in Practice conference, held in Toronto last fall, share insights on how best to leverage this powerful tool to improve your firm’s performance and achieve better client outcomes.

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