The way that people interact with information is changing. The same trends that have driven our interconnectedness – smartphones, tablets, cloud computing – have also caused more information to be immediately available to us than at any time before in our history. Properly harnessed, this provides a unique opportunity to revolutionize the way business is done by giving a changing workforce more opportunities to succeed in their work, and helping businesses innovate and grow.

But some are being left behind. That’s why Ricoh has created WorkIntelligent.ly

WorkIntelligent.ly will help you navigate this new world of work by touching on all aspects of information mobility – from the technologies that are revolutionizing the way that people collaborate and connect, to the way information is harnessed to power big ideas, to the workstyle innovations your workforce is implementing to bridge the gaps. We’re a daily resource for anybody who is interested in learning how they can work intelligently.

Because in this new world of work, information should work for you.

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